There are many reasons why you need to set up your virtual business landline with Omni Hotline and we’re going to tell you why! 

Omni Hotline only requires a smartphone, to begin with, and it’s a pretty good start since everybody has their own smartphone nowadays! Omni Hotline offers you the convenience of having business landline numbers without the old landline phone system. There’s no hassle of installation, no clunky hardware, and no complex system. Omni  Hotline connects with your customers anywhere and anytime you like. 

With a single app, you are able to make and receive calls, forward calls, record and review calls, and personalized greetings to your customers. As an all-in-one management system, you can also manage your Omni Hotline account to create multiple virtual receptionists, transcribe voicemail to text, and receive real-time notifications! 

No matter what size your company is, Omni Hotline can cater to your needs! You can empower your team members as they are able to create sub-accounts with manageable settings and easy configurations. 

Sign up with Omni Hotline and never miss a single call, ever again!