We are excited that you’re taking the first move with Omni Hotline! Let us walk you through the signing up process by following the step-by-step guide and get the plan that you want!


1. Let’s begin by visiting https://omnihotline.my/

2. Click the sign-up icon to start your journey with Omni Hotline.


Omni Hotline Sign Up




3. Next, choose an Omni package that best suits your business. Click on the button “Get this plan” You can read more about the difference between each pricing plan here.


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4. Once you select your preferred plan, you will be directed to the sign-up page where you will choose your business landline. Select your business area, block, and numbers available. 


If your business location isn't provided in the dropdown options, you can select the nearest region where your business is located. You can click “More Numbers” to continue viewing the number list.


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5. Next, fill out the registration form with your details:

  1. -First Name & Surname
    -Company Name
    -Email (this is how you will log in)
     -Phone Number for your first extension
  2. - Read and agree to Omni Hotline Terms & Conditions     


6. Continue the sign-up process by clicking “Next Step” to move on to payments and billing information.

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7. Click on “Go to iPay88” and insert the necessary payment details to set up your payment method

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8. After payment is successful, your page will be directed to your Omni Hotline dashboard and automatically signed in. Your account will be put on hold at first and you will receive an email from Omni asking for some documents for validation. (This process will take up to 2 business days)

Here is the list of documents needed for verification and validation:

  • Company Registration Form D
  • Form 49
  • Form 9
  • A Short description of your intended use for Omni Hotline


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10. Once validation is successful, you’re all set!