Don’t worry! You can still perform an outbound call even when you’re not connected to any Wi-Fi or run out of your mobile data. Instead of Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can use Omni Hotline with Cell Service feature. Omni's Cell Service allows you to make calls using your normal cell service. 

We also recommend using this feature when you're facing call quality issues when making outbound calls via Wifi or mobile data.

However, certain features like call recording, call transfer won’t be available when using Cell Service.

You can change from using Wi-Fi or data to Cell Service by following these simple steps! 

  1. Open your Omni Hotline Mobile App

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Select Outbound Call Method 

Omni Hotline Outbound Call Method

  1. Instead of Wi-Fi or Mobile Data, select Cell Service and then select Mobile Number. To enable the Cell Service option, Omni Hotline requires your mobile phone number to connect calls through normal cell service. 

Omni Hotline Cell Service

  1. Insert your mobile phone number

  1. Once done, you’re all set!

If you need more information please submit an email to us at and we will get back to you swiftly!