There are a number of functionalities you can perform during a call received with the Omni mobile app.

Besides the usual functionalities your personal dialer boasts, with Omni calls can also be:

1) Muted

  • Calls can be put on hold by turning the “mute” button on.

2) Recorded

  • A voice notification will be alerting both the caller and the receiver that the call will begin recording immediately after the “record” button is pressed.

3) Transferred

  • Incoming calls can be transferred to other extensions within your organisation, or to a person in your phone book.

Note that this is a Call Forwarding service and will be charged according to the charge/minute of the Omni package you are subscribed to once your Outgoing Minutes is depleted.

4) Conference call

  • Press the “add call” button to start a conference call with multiple participants.