Yes! You will be able to receive faxes on your Omni number as we have ensured that all Omni numbers are fax enabled! We have also ensured that you can also use the Omni number as your fax number.

All faxes will be delivered in PDF format as .pdf. You will receive a notification regarding the fax via email. Faxes can be downloaded via email and viewed on the Omni Dashboard “Activity” page. 

To access these faxes on the Omni dashboard, follow the steps below:

  1. Look for the “Activity” tab on the Omni Dashboard

  1. Select the fax received and open it

If you don’t receive email notifications, you can set the email notifications in your Omni Dashboard by following the steps below

  1. Select the Extension tab on the Omni Dashboard and click Manage My Extension

  1. Choose on how you would like to be notified 


Note: Omni App can’t send out faxes but can only view and download them.

If there is an issue with any of the steps above, or there are any problems with viewing and downloading the faxes, please submit an email to us at We will contact you to assist you with this request as soon as possible.