Yes! You can now integrate your Omni landline number to WhatsApp (only Omni Hotline users with 03 numbers can use this feature). You'll need to use the "WhatsApp Business" app instead which will allow integrations with landline numbers. Do also note that only one member of your team can use the WhatsApp feature as standard rules of one user per device still applies for WhatsApp. To set this up, follow the 7 simple steps below:

1. First, ensure that your Omni landline number is connected to your mobile number for WhatsApp verification purposes. To do this, go to your web dashboard, hover over “Numbers” and select “View Numbers”. 

Click the “gear” icon on your IVR. 

Under “Call Settings” select “Connect to Phone Number” and input your mobile number. Please note that this is just a temporary step to receive a verification code, and once the WhatsApp Business set-up process is done you’ll need to remember to re-select “Connect to Virtual Receptionist”.

If your availability is set to “Only During Business Hours”, do the same under “Call Settings” in “Business Open”.

2.   Download WhatsApp Business onto your mobile device.

3. Open the app and key in your Omni landline number. For instance, if your number is 03-8408xxxx, key in “+60” in the country code area, and “38408xxxx” in the phone number area. Only +603 Omni Hotline numbers can use this feature.

4. A verification code will be sent either via SMS or call. An SMS verification may not work, as such select the “Call me” function instead. You will then receive the verification code via a WhatsApp call to the mobile number you’ve inputted in Step 1.

5. Once verified, add your Business Name and logo to get started.

6. Start using WhatsApp! Add additional information under Business Profile in your settings and enable automated messages too.

7. Remember to head back to your web dashboard and set your “Call Settings” back to “Connect to Virtual Receptionist”.

If there is a problem with any of the above steps, or there is a problem, please send us an email at We will contact you to assist you with this request as soon as possible.