Omni Hotline subscription fees start from as low as RM 69/month + 6% SST. With the price paid, you will get your own fixed-line number, extensions, virtual assistant, unlimited incoming calls, free outgoing calls starting from 50 minutes, and more! Check out the table down below for more details or you can visit our pricing page

If you exceed your free bundled minutes for outgoing calls, the overage will be charged on a Pay As You Use (PAYU) basis. The subscription plan will be paid upfront while the overage will be paid in the following month's subscription renewal. 

You can monitor your usage on your Omni Hotline Dashboard along with the charges incurred on the calls when it exceeds your plan's limits. 

Basic plans have RM 0.15/min PAYU charges while Plus and Pro plans have RM 0.10/min PAYU charges.

You can also clear any outstanding payment by clicking Pay Now whenever you have exhausted your free minutes, and have an outstanding amount due.