Upon clicking on the "Receptionist" tab, you will be able to view and change settings associated with the functionality of the virtual receptionist. Click on any virtual receptionist start customizing:

1) The Greeting that will automatically be played when the customer connects to the virtual receptionist

  • The text-to-speech box will automatically play the text message typed into it, which can be previewed with the ‘listen’ button
  • Users can record their own answering voice message on the Omni enabled smartphone.
  • Users can also upload an audio file, which will automatically play instead of the text-to-speech message

2) The Menu that lets you choose the Actions tied to each digit on the phone

Actions are not only limited to Extension connection;

3) The Options that let you choose how many times to repeat a greeting if no input is detected and if to hang up if no input is detected after a certain number of repetitions

4) Add further virtual receptionists. You can add additional virtual receptionist to greet people when they inputted the right menu