You can solve this issue with the debug feature available in the Omni App. You can start by following these steps: 

  1. Open the Omni App

  2. Go to Settings and select support

Omni Hotline App Settings

  1. Select Debug

Omni Hotline Debug Settings

  1. You can start the debug process by clicking “Start Debugging”

Omni Hotline Debug Settings

  1. Once the debug is active, you can repeat the same steps you took when you came across the bug, or make the same phone call. 

Omni Hotline Debug Settings

  1. When you are done, you can click the debug icon again

Omni Hotline Debug Settings

  1. Give details on the issues or bugs you faced. 

Omni Hotline Debug Report

If it is a call quality-related issue, please provide details such as:

  1. Caller (extension number if applicable)

  2. Callee (extension number if applicable) 

  3. Date & Time 

  4. What issue you faced - voice delays/voice breaking throughout the call or certain parts of the call (The more specific, the better chances we have on diagnosing and fixing your issue)

8. Lastly, you can also send the logs via email to