What is Omni?

Own a Malaysian business phone number with Omni and power up your company with a phone system with just a mobile application! You won’t need the big keyphones and wires anymore because every time a caller dials your office number, your smartphone will ring instead. You can even send out SMSes through your office contact number. How cool is that?

Why choose Omni?

No application forms, long approvals from your local council or expensive keyphones needed. All you need is a smartphone to get started with Omni. Plus, our rates are so affordable, starting at only RM60!

How will I be charged for an Omni package subscription?

You will be charged by credit/debit card upon registration for an Omni account package.
Price of the Omni package, Basic/Plus/Pro = RM60/RM100/RM200 + SST 6%
Subsequent months after initial Omni package registration will be charged automatically.

What are the Overage charges in an Omni package subscription?

The Overage charges is a total of the accumulated outgoing call charges and forwarded call charges.

Overage – Outgoing call minutes
Overage charges for outgoing calls made with the Omni mobile app are chargeable.
Outgoing call minute charges:
RM0.15/minute +SST 6% – Omni Basic
RM0.10/minute +SST 6% – Omni Plus,  Omni Pro
Please note that the free outgoing call minutes that comes with the Omni packages will be spent first before the pay-as-you-use charges incur.

Overage – Call forwarding services
Overage charges for call forwarding services are chargeable.
Incoming calls received through an extension account to an external mobile number is considered as call forwarding.

How many text messages can I send per month?

Depending on the packages you choose. You may refer to our plans for more info. If you would like to send more messages, you may choose to upgrade your plans.

Does the local office numbers include SMSes?

Yes, all plans include SMSes. However, once you run out of these free SMSes, you will not be able to send anymore text messages through your business phone number.

What countries are included in my monthly minutes?

You can make calls within Malaysia.

Can I make calls to countries outside of Malaysia?

You can only make calls within Malaysia. If you make an outgoing call (outside of Malaysia), you will be charged additionally.

What happens if I exceed my free SMS or call minutes?

If you exceed your free SMSes, you will no longer be allowed to use the SMS feature until your billing period is renewed. If you exceed your free minutes, you will be charged RM0.15 per minute for the RM60 plan, RM0.10 per minute for the RM100 plan and RM0.10 per minute for the RM200 plan.

Can I transfer an existing number to Omni?

Sorry. Not at this time.

Can I port out my Omni number to another provider?

Unfortunately, you are not able to port out to another provider.

Can I have more than one number?

Of course! All you have to do is sign up with one number, and you can easily add more numbers in your Omni dashboard.

Are International numbers available?

Unfortunately, international numbers are not available at the moment. All our numbers are Malaysian numbers (+603).

How do I cancel my account?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is log into your account on the Omni dashboard, go to:

Account > Company Profile > Billing > Manage Your Plan > Cancel Your Account > Yes

Do you have Android and iOS apps?

Search for ‘Omni MY’, and you will find it on Google Play and the Apple App Store. With the Omni app, you will be able to make and receive calls, send and receive SMSes, transfer your calls and more!

How do I change my plan?

At any time, you may upgrade or downgrade your plan on the Omni dashboard and your charges will be pro-rated at the end of your billing period.